9000th Day

by Enemies

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This is Enemies EP 2/2016.
This is for when you're too tired to fight what they call the good fight, let alone do anything sociable. When you just want to lay in your bed and feel depression sink in. It's ok. Just disintegrate. You can pick yourself up later.


released November 10, 2016

Written by Enemies
Recorded and mixed by Jani-Pekka Harttunen
Mastered by Jasse Kesti @ Kesthouse
Artwork by Veli Nyström



all rights reserved


Enemies Tampere, Finland

Hardcore/metal from Tampere, Finland. Est. 2011.

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Track Name: I Can't Be Relied On
I broke a heart
And a tendon
Eviction notice pending

I made a mess again
I took things too far again
Had another kick the dog moment
Despite my best efforts

Serves you right, though
You should've known
I can't be relied on
For shit these days

Could be worse I suppose
Could've done even worse
I'm sure I'll even figure out how
Letting people down is what I do best

Smell like garbage, feel like garbage
There's an angry dwarf with a hammer inside my skull
Beating what's left of my brain into a pulp
Can't really blame the guy

I can't go back home
I can't go back home
I can't go back home
I suppose I'll just keep moving again

Try shit
Fail and learn
Try shit
Fail and learn
Try shit
Fail and learn
Track Name: Rhinoceros
Are you dumb or are you vicious?
Are you dumb or malicious?

See no humanity with cross stitched eyes
Hear no pleads for help, palms on ears
Speak with no compassion
Heart and brain full of shit
Skin turning green


Ignorance revered as virtue
They wear their thick skin like an armor
Deflect all reason, respond with noise
Thrashing like an echo in concrete walls

Track Name: Universal Truth
"Nothing to be done" he said
As he removed his shoes
Nothing important to be found
In universal truths

Suns rise and fall
As we're dying and born
Heavy handed metaphor
Of nothing to be honest

Pick a cause
Have a thing
Love, or altruism
Sex or dope
Collecting vinyl
Spiritual growth
Care or don't
Just to revolt

Universal truth
Life is unappealing
Universal truth
No point in dreaming

Universal truth
Ironic detachment is as good as anything
Universal truth
Entropy will eventually dismantle everything

Collecting vinyl
Spiritual growth
Care or don't
Just to revolt
Track Name: 9000th Day
Blank stare
Glazed eyes
Head aches
Grazed arms

Blank slate
Be kind
Left behind

"Feel better, though"
In relation to what?
No frame of reference
It's all the same
Day by day

Keep waking up
Keep lurching onward