Framing Choices To Silence Our Voices

by Enemies

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released July 27, 2012

Written and produced by Enemies
Recorded by Risto Räkköläinen
Drums recorded by Arto Järvinen @ Be Pop Studio
Mixed by Jani-Pekka Harttunen
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde @ Virtalähde Mastering

Special thanks to Olli Anetjärvi and Petro Tuomainen



all rights reserved


Enemies Tampere, Finland

Hardcore/metal from Tampere, Finland. Est. 2011.

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Track Name: Collar
Under a blue sky, blindfolded we run in circles
Hypnotized en masse by bad tv, porn and iphones
Hiveminded drones chained into a clusterfuck of worthless social codes
Unrealistic fantasies of "better things"
Obese pigs breastfed on fabrications
Indoctrinated into idiocy
Eat up the lies like mother's milk, succumb into their fallacies
Succumb into fallacies

How the fuck did we end up this way
A society of whores and drunks
Wasted cunts, a waste of life
Mistakes about to undo ourselves
Performing pointless rites with vacant eyes
We never cared to question a single thing
There are no angels sent to save us
And if there were, we'd break their wings

Never mind the color of the collar
When it's got a chainlink extention
With a rabid warden on the other end
Eyes gleeing with madness

Roll your rock
You mindless drone

Performing pointless rites with vacant eyes
We never cared to question a single thing
There are no angels sent to save us
And if there were, we'd break their wings
Track Name: Fear Mongers
Like a beaten dog you cower
Bow down to the tyrants
Let them tear away your liberties
Submit to them with a smile
For the promise of security
You didn't use to need
You deserve neither
You will lose both

Intimidated by the fear factory
To dread everything and everyone
For their political agenda
Convinced to beg for oppression
To actually welcome submission
Terrorism by definition

Quit crawling
Rise above the horrors
Force fed to you
Kill the fear mongers
Track Name: Eagles
Allowing pricks like you to breed
Should be considered a crime
Mommy's own, home-grown soldier
A cog in the wheel
Living on borrowed time

Spread your wings
Like a dark cloud
Of corrupt ideals
And tainted virtues

Soar to the sun
Burn to the ground
We'll watch by as the east dances
Under a rain of burning feathers

Born to a crumbling tower
The only way for you is down
To be buried under the rubble
Of your own retardedness
Track Name: Set Back
Who's to blame when we combust
When the pillars of the sovereign break
When our world comes crashing in
Thank the fat corporate swines
Reveling in the cesspool of their desires

Boundless greed, politicians equal vampires
Boundless greed, we'll all starve

We'll burn in the fire of our ways
Too weak to break the set course
We've been set back a thousand years
Track Name: Hate Speech
It turns out our truths aren't equal after all
So said the highest of authorities
Only theirs is to be heard
Ours have become insufferable
Harmful to hear and thus illicit
Suppressed into a cage

The only thing I hate more than hate
Is politicians trying to fight it
Suppressing information when they should be adding to it

They'll stuff those words back down their throats
Make them crawl back like spiders
Sow their mouths shut and hope they'll suffocate
But an ideal will never die
It'll claw it's way out
Break free in a violent rupture
Track Name: Framing Choices To Silence Our Voices
To regulate the words I speak
Is to possess the thoughts I breed
To keep us afraid is how they feed
Framing our choices to silence our voices
Track Name: Victim
"Oh woe is me
For my life's been shit from the day I was born
Such an ugly duckling, never grew to be a swan
Such a sick weakling, my lousy father's wretched spawn"

"I'm a victim of these times, never had a chance"
It's not a victimless crime, to throw away your given hand
There's no conspiracy keeping you down
After all there's no need for one, it looks like you've got it covered
Can't see shit with that self-pity-blackened eye-sight
Will it take a bullethole in your temple to shed some light

Into your darkened mind
You're so fucking blind

So before we reach the point where there's nothing left to fuck up
Stick your head out of your ass you rotten coward
I doubt you would recognize a chance if it shook your hand
Let alone stare back at you in the mirror

We are our worst enemies
Through all our insecurities
Through defects and impurities
Malignant tumors eating us away
Track Name: In Ruins
If there's anything to ruin
We'll ruin it

Nothing left intact
Nothing left to burn

But a life where scraping by means kicking legs
And scraping off the remains
Of your neighbour's face
From the bottom of your boots

Poverty turns men into fiends
From lambs to wolves
Wolves into vultures
Vultures into epitaphs

Closed caskets and few mourners
We never had a chance did we
Building houses over volcanoes
Monuments of our hubris

If there's anything to ruin
We'll ruin it

Nothing left intact
Nothing left to burn